Some dread travel.  Traveling to new places can be stressful and frightening. We want to take the fear and dread out of your travel.  Especially when you come to Orlando!  Here are five ways to have stress free travel:

1.  Give yourself time.  I always say that I would rather, "arrive early and wait, than run and be late."  Getting to the airport or train station with ample time will cause you to be at ease.  Giving yourself more time will help in the event of travel delays.

2.  Meditate.  Before you go on your vacation, spend time visualizing it.  Think about where you will go.  The places you will dine, the things you will see.  Visualize your days.  Meditating on your vacation will build your excitement for your vacation and give you ideas on what other things you can do with your time.

3.  Be organized.  Make sure you know where all your travel documents are located and you keep up with your essential items when traveling.  When you wake up on the day of travel, make sure you pack up all your essential items.  One one trip, Bill left his wallet at my parent's home.  We did not have enough time to go back home (I should have followed point #1).

4.  Don't over pack.  Over packing will weigh you down.  When you have too much stuff it leads to clutter and clutter causes confusion.  Look at your suitcase (Ladies, your purse) and see what you can eliminate.  You can wear clothes a few times during your vacation.

5. Have a game plan for your trip.  The more planned your trip is the more your will enjoy it.  You don't have to stick to your plan, but at least you know what you can do.  One way to make travel easier is to consult with the locals.  That's why we started trip consultation services for those traveling to the Central Florida area.   We can help you plan your ultimate vacation.  Over the years, we've helped dozens of friends and family members plan their Orlando vacations.  If you are coming to the Orlando area and want to take advantage of our trip consultation services.

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